Marc Wilwert was born in Luxembourg, 1976. After graduating in photography at the “Institut Supérieur des Beaux-Arts Saint-Luc Liège“, he attended a professional photography course for one year at the “London College of Printing“. In all his major works, the concept of light, with all its physical effects, its symbolisme, its cultural and meta-photographical meanings is deeply considered and rethought. Series like “Nuit Blanche“, “Chemins de Fraude“, “Etre e(s)t paraître“, “Anges“, “Illuminances“, “Twilight“, “Zero Sun“ and “Memento” have been shown in galleries and institutions like “Galerie Clairefontaine” (LU), “Galerie d’Art Armand Gaasch” (LU), “Cercle Cité” (LU), “Biennale internationale de la photographie et des arts visuels” BIP 2010 (BE), “Galerie Periscope” (BE), “Arsenal”, (FRA), “Galerie am Tunnel”, BCEE (LU), and some more works figure among the archive of the CNA (Centre National de l’Audiovisuel) (LU). Moreover, in 2005, the CNA has published Marc Wilwert’s work on the sport of stock car in Luxembourg, entitled “Car Wars“.

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